MTV The Challenge Competitor Stats


April 2, 2020

This motion graphic is from turning data in an infographic that judged competitors’ traits on the reality show, The Challenge. With the help of the MTV The Challenge community, the fans got to rank the competitor’s traits from 0 (weak) to 5 (strong) in five categories.

Traits Being Judged:

  • Strength: Physically strong

  • Puzzles: Solve or understand something problems in the challenge

  • Politics: Social game in between the challenges

  • Swimming: How good the competitors in the water.

  • Endurance: Running, long-distance fitness, and long term activity focus on a challenge such as staying awake.

Results from 104 respondents were averaged out and scaled on a Radar graph.  The Overall scores were included in the end for each competitor as well as additional information researched about the competitors and an exciting intro title graphic.